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The Boston artists met and decided to randomly select a pen pal.

Alain Allemand, Strasbourg, with Ronni Komarow, Boston.

Fabienne Delude, Strasbourg, and Ellen Shattuck Pierce, Boston.

Aude Gilger, Strasbourg, with Liz Chalfin, Boston.

Artists at the Boston reception.


Par Avion Project 2011-2012

The Par Avion Project, sponsored by the Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association, began in the spring of 2011. This interactive art exchange was concieved as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the relationship between Boston, MA and Strasbourg, FR.

The concept for the art exchange was loosely based on the of the French Surrealists' parlor game called The Exquisite Corpse in which one person begins a drawing and others add elements to the drawing until the image is complete.

Fifty artists were invited to participate, half from each city and the artists were assigned "visual pen pals" from across the Atlantic.

The art was created in three layers. Working in this fashion requred artists to incorporate marks, materials and compositions that were foreign to their own visual vocabularies, but one universal sentiment emerged: this process challenged each person to stretch artistically. Essentially, all 50 artists embraced a found object and somehow made it their own. One artist aptly said, "This project was like creating a reply to a message in a bottle."

Boston Artists

Lyell Castonguay
Liz Chalfin
Elli Crocker
David Curcio
Daniel Embree
Jesseca Ferguson
Ann Forbush
Ania Gilmore
Jane Goldman
Joel Janowitz
Ronni Komarow
Debra Olin
Lisa Olson
Ellen Shattuck Pierce
Jan Powell
Deb Putnoi
Sara David Ringler
Michelle Samour
Alexandra Sheldon
Liz Shepherd
Annie Silverman
Stephanie Stigliano
Julia Talcott
Mary Taylor
John Thompson

Strasbourg Artists

Alain Allemand
Lou Amoros-Augustin
Sylvain Bourrièrres
Marta Caradec
Jérémy Couvez
Fabienne Delude
Marie-Kathrin Daspet
Alain Eschenlauer
Louise Fritsch
Elise Gessier
Aude Gilger
Olivier Godat
Monique Grysole
Susanne Hanke
Lucie Larousse
Christophe Meyer
Eric Meyer
André Nabarro
Suzanne Obrecht
Régis Pirastru
Yves Schepfer
Julie Staebler
François Vaisseau
Anne Wicky
Ning Zhuotao