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Improvisational Cooking cover Improvisational Cooking
HARDCOVER   $25.00

The beauty of improvisational cooking is using the materials at hand to invent something new. This book is for people who enjoy food, but donít want to spend all day in the kitchen. It's a collection that includes many one-pot-over-rice meals, a few soups, sides, and desserts. The recipes can easily be made gluten-free; they contain limited sugar and no red meat.

Created during the summer of 2020, this little book was a labor of love made with an old iPhone and ingredients from our local farmer's market. All proceeds will be donated to Covid relief, specifically charities focused on food insecurity.

Art on Science catalog cover Art on Science: 26 études
exhibition catalogue

SOFTCOVER   $45.49

This collaborative art project was sponsored by the Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association and commemorated the 60th anniversary of the pairing of these two historic cities. Artists created works based on scientific themes and scientists wrote commentaries about the art, the scientific method and the creative process. Exhibits were held in both cities, accompanied by lectures, workshops and special events. The art was sold at auction along with the scientist's text to help fund future cultural exchanges.

Ex Libris Exchange catalog cover Ex Libris Exchange
exhibition catalogue

SOFTCOVER   $39.36

This interactive art project, sponsored by the Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association, was inspired by a rare illustrated manuscript. The original journal was created by Georg Daniel Flohr, a French soldier who fought in the American Revolution. Twenty-six contemporary artists (half from each city) used Flohr's journal as their inspiration. The artists created handmade books that were accompanied by fold-out posters. The 52 pieces of artwork were exhibited in both countries in the fall of 2016 and the spring of 2017.

Par Avion catalog cover Par Avion Project
exhibition catalogue

SOFTCOVER   $32.94

This international colaborative project commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association. The participating artists (25 from each city) created works on paper for phase one of the exchange in the summer of 2011. The art was then flown across the Atlantic to their artist penpals who added a additional layer on top of the original and returned it to the originator for completion. These 50 collaborative pieces were exhibited in both cities and sold at auction. Proceeds from the project were used to fund additional art exchanges for the course of the next 10 years.

Seven Seasons cover Seven Seasons:
stepping out of the square

SOFTCOVER   $45.00

This book is a record of artwork created by Ann Forbush while earning a Master of Fine Arts degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (2013-2015) and a poetic description of the art-making process.

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